8 Games We Want on Switch Virtual Console

Tsk tsk Nintendo.  The Switch launched without virtual console, which seems like a foolish decision when launching a new flagship portable.  Nintendo says that the virtual console is coming soon, but have been pretty hush-hush on the actual date.  So we’re taking the opportunity to be fanboys on the internet, and campaign for some of the games we’d most like to see on Switch virtual console when it does arrive.  For the purposes of this list, we’re going to avoid super obvious ones (no Mario 64, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger etc), and since Eurogamer has confirmed that Gamecube games will be on virtual console, those are fair game too.

8. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This game flew under the radar a little bit when it first released, but has since gained some real traction and spawned several sequels.  The first portable iteration in the Mario RPG series, Superstar Saga is wonderfully charming, witty, and overall excellent.  The game introduced the tag team system between Mario and Luigi, has some of the best localization in any game, and dare I say the best battle system of any RPG ever.  Superstar Saga is undeniably one of the best GBA games ever released and would be a wonderful portable game for the Switch.

Seriously, this game has some incredible dialogue.

7. Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe was a fantastic sidescroller beat-em-up on the Gamecube.  An old-school Hollywood wankfest mixed with a unique art style and addicting gameplay made it a must own on the Gamecube.  The game was a real fresh take on sidescrollers and oozed charm.  It wasn’t much of a commercial success, but did spawn a sequel we wouldn’t mind showing up on Switch either.

The slow motion is GLORIOUS

6. Wario Land 3

This is a personal choice and I expect no one to agree with this at all.  Wario Land 3 is the  Gameboy Colour game I put the most hours into, except maybe Pokemon Blue.  A 2D platformer that is so bizarre it’s really difficult to describe.  In a way it was perfect for me as a kid, because it’s impossible to die, however the idea of Wario changing form depending on what enemy has damaged him is very fun.  Mario Land it is not, but I’ll always have a soft spot for this weird nonsense.

There’s an alternate reality where we have Wario Kart

5. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

This lands here for being Clinton’s favorite game and it’s easy to see why.  Perhaps best described as Ocarina of Time meets a Gundam game, it’s incredibly bizarre, but not so Japanese that it’s impenetrable.  The N64 doesn’t have a lot of games that are worth revisiting outside of first party exclusives, but Mystical Ninja is right up there.  Any fan of Ocarina or Star Fox would do well to give this a play.  What better place to play it than on the Switch?

But who is Goemon really?

4. Beyond Good and Evil

I will never not go to bat for Beyond Good and Evil.  I think it’s one of the most underrated games ever and it’s a shame it didn’t take off until well after it’s release.  In many ways it’s a near perfect story driven 3D adventure game with solid platforming, combat, and puzzle solving.  It’s  a shame we don’t get more games like Beyond Good and Evil, and in times like these it’s message is more important than ever.  The game is already available on Steam, so a Switch release shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility.

Your uncle is a pig 10/10

3. Advance Wars 1 and 2

This is bit of a cheat entry, but the Advance Wars games are some of the best strategy games there ever were.  Being made under the Nintendo banner, they are also overflowing with charm.  Utilizing the joycons, these games would be perfect for on the go battles with your friends or whoever.  If nothing else I just want to hear that dope soundtrack again.

War is fun kids!

2. Dragon Quest VIII

This may be a long shot considering it just got re-released on 3DS a month ago, but I’ll take either the original as well.  There’s about a billion Dragon Quest games, but the consensus has seemingly always been that 8 is the best.  It was never outstandingly popular in North America, but Dragon Quest VIII is one of the best JRPG’s ever.  Everything about this game has been polished to the extreme, from a fantastic battle system, well written story, and gameplay that’d give your dad a hear attack.  Dragon Quest VIII is must play for RPG fans and would do quite well on the Switch.

This is a great art style for the Switch, admit it.

1. F-Zero GX

God dammit I just want to play F-Zero again.  The series has been dead to Nintendo for about 13 years and that’s a damn shame because there’s no such thing as a bad F-Zero.  I’ll never shy away from my opinion that F-Zero GX is the best pure racing game ever made.  Everything about GX is so solid.  The collision detection is flawless, the art style is stunning, it runs at 60 fps (in 2003!), and it capture the feeling of raw speed in a way no other racing game has ever been able to.  Just please give me another avenue to play this game Nintendo.



Now there are plenty of other games that we want to see on Switch virtual console, and a lot of other games that we’d buy in a heartbeat if they showed up.  We wanted to leave out super obvious ones, and ones that are pretty much guaranteed to show up like Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 6, Earthbound etc.  As well it’s been all but confirmed that Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Animal Crossing will be coming to virtual console.  What games are you excited to see on Switch virtual console?  Let us know in the comments!


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