Arbitrary “Best Of The Year” Awards 2016

Another year has gone and boy it was a fucking weird one.  Before we send the year off though, we have to say what all the best shit from the year was.  After all, we are nothing but another fake news outlet.  Disclaimer: Our choices were selected based on things that we played/saw this year and not limited to things that were covered on the site.  Let’s dive in!

Best Movie

Winner: Captain America Civil War

Call it a matter of personal taste, but of all the movies we saw this year, we enjoyed none more than this.  Is it Oscar worthy? Are the Oscar’s even meaningful?  Good questions, and I don’t know.  At it’s core, Civil War is well shot, well written, gorgeous, and fun to watch.  After the disappointment of Age of Ultron, it was a wonderful step for the series to take.

It is a great ensemble, admit it.

Runner Up: Deadpool


Best TV Show

Winner: Stranger Things

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.  Stranger Things is a wonderful show that captures a sense of mystery and adventure that shows and movies usually stop having when you grow up.  A truly spectacular period piece with a cast of great character, and some really moving performances.  Oh and the story is fucking stupidly good.

The most 80’s thing you’ll ever see.

Runner Up: Daredevil


Best Wrestling PPV

Winner: Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank was one of the few PPV’s this year that really encapsulated what’s magical about wrestling.  Almost every match on the card was fantastic, which includes a match of the year contender from Cena vs Styles.  In the end we got to see Roman lose clean after a great match, Rollins reclaim his belt, and Dean Ambrose cash in to finally lift the gold.

Give thanks.

Runner Up: Backlash


Portable Game of the Year

Winner: Pokemon Sun & Moon

You can’t go wrong with Pokemon, right?  The series is unstoppable and always a joy, but Sun and Moon are a truly fresh take on a formula that’s been pretty much unchanged for 20 years.  The new formula, the variety of new Pokemon, excellent battle system, and beautiful new setting all make Sun and Moon a must have for 3DS owners.  Seriously, no excuses.

Litten is not impressed by this award.

Runner Up: Monster Hunter Generations


Best Soundtrack

Winner: Doom

Mick Gordon is a real genius.  His work in modern gaming has always had a very hard hitting style, but for Doom’s soundtrack he turned it up to 15 and tore the fucking knob off.  The soundtrack is so heavy and anthemic, it is the absolute perfect backdrop for going to hell and killing demons with a shotgun.  I don’t think another soundtrack has ever got me more amped up.

MFW the Doom soundtrack comes on.

Runner Up: Stardew Valley


Indie Game of the Year

Winner: Stardew Valley

I’m a sucker for farming sims, but that said Stardew Valley is a masterpiece.  It is incredibly detailed and intricate, with beautiful sprite designs and well written dialogue.  Stardew Valley is one of the few games I can play where I will lose all track of time.  I’ll just sit down and play for 4 hours, thinking it’s only been 45 minutes.  Considering it was made entirely by one person, it hurts my head to think about how good this game is.

I wish my life was as organized as my farm.

Runner Up: Firewatch


Best Remake/Reissue

Winner: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Is there anything more sure than a Zelda game?  Pokemon maybe.  But nonetheless TP HD(heh) is just terrific.  One of the most underrated games in the franchise getting a proper HD re-release is something to celebrate.  It was also one of the only things worth owning on the WiiU this year.

This was like the only game that made owning a Wii not an embarrassment.

Runner Up: Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster


Game of the Year

Winner: Doom

Honestly, I’m not usually the biggest fan of shooters, but Doom got me.  Doom got me in a way no other shooter has for a few years, not Overwatch, not Titanfall 2, not Battlefield 1.  Doom is such a unique shooter experience, bringing back arena-focused shooters, with incredible gameplay, controls, visuals, everything.  It’s fair to say that Doom is the most surprising game 2016 offered me, but am I ever glad I took the time to play it.  Hell, it even made me excited for the new Quake!


Runner Up: Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

That’s how we saw the year’s best.  It was a hell of an interesting year.  Check back in a few days for our Worst of the Year awards, which are sure to be less serious and way more funny than these.  What were your picks for the best stuff of the year?  Let us know in the comments!


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