Black Panther Review


Black Panther is a movie that takes risks, and I dig that.  Ryan Coogler did an incredible job constructing this film into something thought provoking and beautiful.  The imagery, set design, and cinematography are gorgeous, save for the odd bit of gick CGI.  Even more gorgeous to look at than the film is it’s core.  Centered around Wakanda, Black Panther is a beautiful cultural celebration.  There’s a real pride behind this movie that is second to none.  While the story does occasionally fall into the Marvel movie template, the story also takes more risks, and has a few better twists than other movies in the MCU.  The cast is excellent, and so is the soundtrack.  Unlike almost every other MCU film, the score really stands out in Black Panther.  The writing is excellent, and the characters do feel like real people.  The main cast are all deep, nuanced characters with legitimate beliefs and goals.  Black Panther’s antagonist is perhaps the most complex MCU villain yet.  He’s one of those villains who’s ideals aren’t all that bad, but their methods are what make them evil.  Dialogue between characters is well thought out, although the comedic bits miss more often than they hit.  All in all, Black Panther is one of the best MCU films.  It dares to be different, and the level of inspiration it’s had on the marginalized is incredible.  Please support this movie.


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