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Mild Spoilers

All the wait for a super hero movie has finally been worth it!  Captain America: Civil War is a tremendous film that just might be the best from the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

Cap’s third installment pits him against Iron Man in a conflict over a United Nations Accord that would control the Avengers.  This conflict is the most central of the film and divides the Avengers.  While the film does have an underlying villain, he takes a back seat to this fight between Rogers and Stark.  The storytelling of this is excellent, as neither man is really the bad guy.  Stark supports the UN and believes the Avengers must be governed, and Cap thinks they shouldn’t.  Both guys have logical reasons to back up their stances and this really invests the audience, as they don’t know exactly who to root for.

Fell that tension.
Feel that tension.


Earth’s Mightiest Ass Kickers


A real strength of the film is the usage of Earth’s mightiest heroes.  Every Avenger is present save for Thor and Bruce Banner, and some new ones are involved as well.  Ant Man, Black Panther, and Spiderman all play very key roles in the film.  All of the Avengers are portrayed in a way that makes them all look like total badasses.  Even Falcon, who is generally the weakest and most useless Avenger, is very believable as one of the elites, and is absolutely central to the plot.  Ant Man is fantastic, even if his screen time is a little limited.  Black Panther is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  The best however, is Spiderman.  Tom Holland portrays the absolute perfect incarnation of Peter Parker.  It’s surreal in of itself to see Spidey sharing the screen with Cap and Iron Man, but the writing of Spiderman is perfect and Holland knocks it out of the park with his performance.  All other Spidey’s be damned, this is already the best one ever.



Something Something Winter Soldiers


Civil War does have its flaws, albeit very few.  The film’s villain, Zemo, is underused and unremarkable.  His character only exists to get Cap and Iron Man to fight and he does succeed at it, however his character is very one-dimensional and his master plan relies a lot on chance and unexplained events.  The plot is very straight forward, but there are a couple of odd jumps throughout the film, and there are a couple plot holes as well.


Hype. Pure hype.
Hype. Pure hype.


Should You Care?


Absolutely!  This is very likely the best movie from the MCU so far.  It’s an absolute joy to watch, and gets me so hyped up for the rest of Marvel’s films.  Comparisons to Batman v Superman are inevitable but I don’t think that they’re fair.  Civil War and BvS are vastly different movies trying to convey different tones and stories.  I will say that on an objective level, Civil War is a much better film.  Make the time, and see this movie as soon as you can!  What did you think of Civil War?  Let us know below!


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