Contribute to Skip to the Score

Hey you!  Do you want to be an almost real journalist?  Well you’re in luck!  Skip to the Score is staffed by a couple of students with a lot on our plates, and we’re always looking for help on the site.  That’s where you come in!  Would you like to write an article or review for Skip to the Score?  Maybe even make a video?  If you answered yes to the above questions, shoot an email with your idea to and we’ll get to work!

Money?  Well we have none, so anything that you write for us would be on a volunteer basis.  It’s a shame, and we really believe that people should be compensated for work, but at this time we simply don’t have the means to provide any monetary compensation.  That’s not to say we’ll give you nothing though!  Do you have your own website you’d like to pimp? Something you want to promote?  Any and all of that will be attached to your article/video!

Still interested?  Shoot us an email, we look forward to working with ya!