E3 2016 Day 2 Recap

It’s been a very big day at E3, but let’s cut the shit and look at the news you care about.  Buckle up kids, this is going to be a long ass article.


Bethesda’s press conference was yesterday, but I was too knackered last night, so we’re doing it here. You can watch the entire presser here:

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The conference kicked off with a look at the new Elder Scrolls card game.  It looks a lot like Hearthstone, and Elder Scrolls has boatloads of lore to pull from so hopes are high.

Quake: Champions

Hey, an old franchise is getting a new game!  Worth noting that the Quake trailer confirmed a new Wolfenstein game, which sort of overshadowed Quake for me.  We got a cinematic trailer that made it look like a dirtier version of Overwatch.  More info will be released at Quakecon.

Fallout 4 Stuff

A whole bunch of updates for Fallout 4 were announced.  Among them was Contraptions, which will be available next week, and Vault-Tec, which is slated for July.  Contraptions seems to add way more to the games crafting system, and Vault-Tec will let players build their own vaults.  Another update called Nuka-World is expected in August, and will be amusement park themed.  Also Fallout Shelter is coming to PC next month.

Skyrim Special Edition

There’s a remaster of Skyrim coming out that will have mod support on consoles.  If you already won Skyrim Legendary Edition or Skyrim with all DLC on Steam, you’ll get Special Edition for free.


Hey, another old franchise getting a new game.  A nifty cinematic trailer shows us Prey 2, which is just called Prey.  Because it’s a reboot.  Of a franchise that only had one game.


Doom will be getting new maps and the custom map feature will now allow for the creation of single player content.  Also the first level of Doom is available for free this week!

The Elder Scrolls Online

So this still exists.  ESO is getting The Dark Brotherhood expansion, which looks delightfully violent.  The big news for ESO is the introduction of “One Tamriel”, which will scale levels of the entire game to players, making co-op easy for everyone.

Bethesda’s VR Corner

Bethesda talked about VR for a bit, which is the hot thing to do this E3.  There’s show floor demos of Doom and Fallout 4 on VR, and Fallout 4 will be coming to the Vive in 2017.

Dishonored 2

Yay, finally something good!  An awesome trailer for Dishonored 2 as we learn that you’ll be able to play as Emily Kaldwin and Corvo!  Both characters have different move sets, and the game will take place in an entirely new environment.  It looks pretty hype.


Microsoft was the first conference of the day, and Cirque de Solei wasn’t there this year!  Preface: all games at this conference are Xbox One and PC games.  Everything is out on PC now.  Xbox exclusives are dead.  Rejoice!  You can watch the conference here:


Xbox One S

The conference kicked off with the reveal of the Xbox One S, a slim variant of the normal Xbox One.  The One S will be 4K Blu-ray capable.  It will launch in August, and will be $299US for a 500GB HDD and no controller.

Controller not included. No seriously.
Controller not included. No seriously.

Gears of War 4

The games begin with a demo of Gear of War 4.  It looks like all the other Gears games.  Gears 4 seems to take place years after the events of Gears 3, as the character is not Marcus Fenix.  An old bearded Marcus does turn up at the end however.  It’ll be out October 11th.

Killer Instinct

General Raam from Gears of War 1 will be a playable character in Killer Instinct.  No idea why this was part of the show.

Forza Horizon 3

A new Forza, who would’ve guessed?  Horizon 3 is set in Australia and seems to feature quite a bit of off roading.  In typical Forza fashion, it looks quite pretty.  It’ll be out on September 27th.


Recore was back.  It got a brief and very colourful trailer.

Final Fantasy XV

A gameplay demo of FF XV titled “The Trial of Titan” was played.  It’s a battle with a giant colossus.  There’s a great sense of scale in the battle, it looks really cool.  FF XV will be out September 30th.

Xbox Live

There’s some new features being rolled out for Xbox live.  The ability to listen to background music, Cortana (bleh), and Clubs.  Clubs will allow users to form groups around particular games, and recruit other users to play with.  Lastly “Arena on Xbox Live”.  Arena will be the new competitive and tournament gaming hub of Xbox Live.  These features will be out this summer.


Minecraft is getting VR support and cross platform support.  Xbox One will also get some new texture packs.

Indie Games

We get an incredibly short teaser for Inside, a game from the devs behind Limbo.  It’ll be out June 29th.  Next there is a sizzle reel of indie games coming to Xbox One.  Notable inclusions are Cuphead, Outlast, Deliver Us the Moon, Stardew Valley, and Hand of Fate.  Good stuff.

We Happy Few

We get a cinematic trailer for We Happy Few.  It looks like a slightly cartoonier Bioshock Infinite meets Orwell’s 1984.  In a really weird way.  Very intriguing.


CD Projekt Red are in the house to show off their standalone Gwent game.  Two card games in one day?  Madness.  Gwent is super fun in Witcher 3, and I wager it’ll be very fun as its own game.  A closed beta will start on Xbox One in September.

Tekken 7

Something something old franchise gets new game.  We get a cinematic and short gameplay demo for Tekken 7.  Looks like Tekken.  It’ll be out in 2017.

Dead Rising 4

Yea, there’s another one.  Looks just like the last one.  It’ll be out before Christmas.


Scalebound is the newest IP from Platinum Games.  We get a gameplay demo of it.  Looks like Devil May Cry meets Monster Hunter meets Panzer Dragoon.  A Dante looking fella wearing stupid headphones and some other guys battle a massive scorpion.  It’ll be out in 2017, and looks pretty exciting.

Sea of Thieves

Rare is still a studio!  They show a gameplay demo of Sea of Thieves, a cartoony pirate experience that has all players working together to navigate a ship and drink mead.  We also get to see some combat, and a ship sink.  This game looks incredible.  If it can deliver on what was shown here, it is the best game of Microsoft’s conference hands down.

Halo Wars 2

Sigh.  Yea I can’t believe they’re making this either.  It’ll be out February 21st 2017, and a week-long beta is kicking off this week.

Project Scorpio

What better way to close a conference that opened with a hardware reveal, than to reveal more hardware?!  Microsoft announced the newest Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio.  It will play in 4k and support VR, but at what framerate I wonder?  Apparently games will work on both the Scorpio and Xbox One so that “No one will be left behind”.  Scorpio is being targeted for Holiday 2017.


Ubisoft had the longest conference of the day, so thank God Aisha Tyler is hosting again.  Watch the presser here:


Just Dance 2017

I’m assuming this opened the show as an excuse for Aisha Tyler to dance onto the stage.  It’s a Just Dance game, nothing to see here.  It’ll launch in October, and on the Nintendo NX next year.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Wildlands will take place in Bolivia and will see the player battling drug cartels that have taken over the country.  There will be solo play as well as 4 player co-op.  There was a live gameplay demo that saw players investigate a campsite, and ride in a helicopter.  Gameplay-wise it’s your usual Ghost Recon fare.  Wildlands will release March 17th 2017, on all non-Nintendo platforms.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

A sequel to Stick of Truth that looks to be designed in the same way.  The game will be superhero themed, and takes a lot from Captain America: Civil War.  The battle system has been updated to add movement, ala Mega Man Battle Network.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker showed up to talk for a bit and crack some jokes.  The Fractured But Whole looks hilarious and really fun.  It’s scheduled for a December 6th release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Division – Underground

An expansion for The Division, a game no one plays.  It’ll be out June 28th on the Xbox One, and 30 days later on PS4 and PC.

Eagle Flight and other VR Stuff

Guys, remember VR?  It’s all the rage this year.  We get a tech demo that’s capture the flag but with eagles called eagle flight.  After that we get a peek at the Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game, courtesy of Levar Burton!  Bridge Crew is a VR experience where you play as crew members at the helm of the Enterprise.  Not much else is known yet.  Both will be out this fall on VR platforms.

For Honor

A very high budget CGI trailer reminds us that For Honor was announced last year.  A gameplay demo showed some Vikings storming a samurai fort.  It looks very bland and repetitive.  For Honor will be out on February 14th next year.

Grow Up

Grow Up is a sequel to Grow Home, and it looks very charming.  It’ll be out in August.

Trials of the Blood Dragon.

It’s a Blood Dragon themed Trials game.  Get in.

Watch Dogs 2

We get a gameplay demo for Watchdogs 2, another game no one asked for.  There’s a new main character this time around, and it looks a lot like the first one.  I can’t wait for the tremendous performance drops in the final version of the game on November 15th.


Steep is an open world snowboarding game.  I think.  There was lots of snowboarding and an emphasis on co-op and multiplayer.  It looks fine, but it’s a very weak closer for the show.


The day rounded out with last year’s E3 winners.  Spoilers, Sony won it again this year.  See the full conference here:

God of War

Hey there’s a new God of War. But it’s not God of War 4, it’s just called God of War.  We get a gameplay demo showing a bearded, Norse looking Kratos and his son.  Papa Kratos’s boy looks like an actual human child.  The game seems to run of the Last of Us engine, as it gives a very similar dynamic to Joel and Ellie.  The gameplay is standard 3rd person, unlike past God of War’s.  Kratos teaches his son to hunt and Kratos kills a large troll looking thing.  Looks like a pretty good idea for rebooting the series.  No release date.

Days Gone

A gameplay demo of this also closed the conference, but I’m going to include it here.  Days Gone is a biker themed post-apocalyptic zombie game.  It looks quite pretty and oh my God there is a lot of zombies.

The Last Guardian

No new gameplay footage, but we see that there is more than one of those griffin things, and the other one is evil. The Last Guardian finally has a release date!  October 25th!

Horizon Zero Dawn

We get a gameplay demo similar to the one at E3 last year.  Horizon Zero Dawn looks gorgeous, and has a really interesting concept to it as well.  Still no release date.

Detroit: Become Human

Someone pull David Cage’s head out of his ass, his trailer is rolling!  This look at Detroit shows two androids in a hostage negotiation situation.  It’s an interesting concept, but like most Cage games, the models are ugly and the dialogue is horrendous.  No release date.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It looks like RE is returning to the horror genre.  A first person demo has the player walking through a dark abandoned house with lots of creepy shit.  It’ll also have VR support.  RE7 is scheduled for release on January 24th of next year.

PlayStation VR

Sony’s VR headset will be coming October 13th.  It’ll cost a cool $399USD but will come with Farpoint, a first person alien shooting game, and Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, which is exactly what it sounds like.  Also on October, Batman: Arkham VR will be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR.  Not much is really known about it.  We also get a short gameplay trailer for PlayStation VR compatibility with Final Fantasy XV.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

We were treated to a gameplay trailer from CoD Infinite Warfare that showed the usual CoD shooty stuff, and some on rails space battling.  It’ll be coming out November 4th.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

There was a short sizzle reel for the Modern Warfare remaster that got a warmer reception than Infinite Warfare.

Crash Bandicoot Doesn’t Have a New Game

After showing a silhouette of Crash to some big cheers, it was announced that Crash’s old titles were getting remastered and Crash would be playable in Skylanders Imaginators in October.  This cooled down the crowd who were hoping for a new Crash game.  Oh well.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Like 7 months after the movie, here’s another Lego Star Wars game.  It’ll be out in 2 weeks.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima made a grand entrance to a large ovation.  He’s back!  We know this because he said “I’m back”.  He introduced a short trailer for his new project.  We see a naked Norman Reedus cradling a dead baby on a beach covered in oil with plenty of dead fish and whales wash up on shore.

Spider-Man PS4

Finally we get the unveil of a new Spider-man game being developed by Insomniac.  A cinematic trailer shows a new costume for Spidey and a lot of shit blowing up.  Color me excited!

And that does it for day 2 (and part of day 1) of E3.  There was a lot of cool shit unveiled today, and hopefully even more tomorrow.  What are you most excited for so far?  Let us know below.


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