E3 2016 Day 3 Recap

The show floor is open and press conferences are over!  Let’s take a look the news worth caring about from the last day of E3 pressers.


Nintendo’s sort of but not really but kind of a press conference Nintendo Treehouse was front and center today.  The presser was literally about only 2 games.  Watch the whole thing here:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Yesssssssssssss!  The newest Zelda game finally has a name!  The conference kicked off with a trailer for Link’s latest outing, and we were treated to a very long gameplay demo later.  This game looks incredible.  The art style is an amazing mix of Wind Waker and Skyward Sword that will look timeless forever.  The gameplay demo showed us that the game will have some RPG elements such as changeable equipment, and new conventions to the series, like Link jumping and climbing.  There are tons of different weapons and a massive overworld.  The gameplay demo spits Link directly into the overworld ala Zelda 1, hinting that the game will be much more adventure and exploration focused.  Seriously watch this gameplay demo, it’s incredible!

Pokemon Sun & Moon

After the initial Zelda trailer, we were given an excruciatingly long demo of the latest Pokemon games.  Like 45 minutes long.  It was way too long and way too boring.  If you like X & Y then rejoice, there is an all new region and a boatload of new pokemon.  There’s also a new 4 way battle system.  Other than that, it looks a lot like X & Y.  They’ll be out on November 18th.

Other Stuff

There were some other news goodies sprinkled throughout the day.  We learned that Linkle will not be in Breath of the Wild, but Breath of The Wild amiibo’s are coming soon.  It was also announced that Insomniac’s Spider-man game will be PS4 exclusive and not related to the new movie franchise.  Hey, there’s a Bulletstorm remaster coming soon!  Bah Gawd, we finally got some Persona 5 gameplay!  Check that out here:


Overall it was a very fun E3.  We’ll say that Breath of the Wild is our game of the show, but Sony had the best press conference this year.  Let us know what your game of show is in the comments, and why not, let us know what you’re most excited for!


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