E3 2017 Day 1 Recap

It’s day one of the biggest gaming conference of the year and boy aren’t we excited.  There was two conference of note today, and we’ll start with Microsoft



After a nice sizzle reel we’re into Microsoft’s conference.  Here’s the announcements that matter.

Xbox One X

Project Scorpio has an official name, it’s the Xbox One X.  Cue the jokes now.  Dumb name aside, Microsoft is really banging on about the 4K that will run at about 20fps.  Right out of the gate we learn that it is launching November 7th, along with the Xbox One S.  Later in the conference the announce the prices.  $250 USD for the S, $500 USD for the X.  A bit steep mates.


Forza 7

There’s a Porsche on stage, which means it’s Forza 7.  It looks mighty pretty, but seems like your regular Forza fare.  They honestly spend more time jerking the car off than talking about the game.  If you like racing games, Forza looks like a safe bet as always.


Metro: Exodus

A new Metro game! Hot dog!  There’s a pre-rendered “gameplay” demo that shows that the game will likely take place on the surface for the most part.  Last Light was incredible, so count me in.


Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Here’s that leaked Egyptian Assassin’s Creed.  We get a sizzle reel followed by a pre-rendered “gameplay” demo.  The setting is very interesting, and they seemed to have stolen the bow and arrow mechanics from Breath of the Wild.  In timeline, this will be the first game in the series, and will tell the story of the origin of the assassin order.  Hopefully it’s better than the last few Assassin’s Creeds.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It’s coming to Xbox.


State of Decay 2

There’s a mixture of gameplay and trailer show, and honestly it looks pretty ass.  Looks like an Xbox 360 game.


The Darwin Project

Looks like an Overwatch styled rip off of Chivalry.  Not very pretty to look at and the gameplay looks incredibly shallow.



It’s also on Xbox, and will now have cross play, and be in 4K.  Because of course, Mincraft needed to be in 4K.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

A Dragon Ball fighting game!  Looks mighty charming and really fun.  The fighting game community should be all over this.  It’s out early next year.


Black Desert

A really generic looking MMORPG.


The Last Night

A 2D cyberpunk game with a really interesting graphical style.  It features some ridiculous ham-fisted social commentary, so be aware of that.


The Artful Escape

Another 2D sidescroller with an interesting art style.



An extremely Japanese looking action/hack-and-slash style game.  The art style looks pretty interesting, so high hopes.


Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is back and it looks notably better than last year.  There’s a lot of noticeable graphical improvements, and it looks a lot more like a finished game.  It seems to be oozing that Rare charm, so my hopes are sky high.


Super Lucky’s Tale

A cutesy kid friendly platformer.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.



Cuphead has a release date finally!  It’s out September 29th, count me in!


Crackdown 3

There’s a Crackdown 3?  Yes there is!  Terry Crews is in the trailer to hype up the game, which honestly looks like a watered down Saints Row 4.  I did appreciate the old school rap trailer though.


Middle Earth: Shadow of War

There’s a gameplay demo for this and…. ugh.  It’s built on the exact same engine, to such a point where the combat system has been copy-pasted.  The attacks and counters are the exact same.  The have added a few more colours to the palate, but they also made the orcs more family friendly looking.  Overall it looks like a lazy sequel, and it’s killed all my hype for it.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Who didn’t like the Blind Forest?  I rest my case.


Backwards Compatibility

They announced that the S and X will have limited backwards compatibility to original Xbox games, specifically mentioning Crimson Skies.  I bet you they’ll have less than 20 compatible games by the end of next year.


We get a real in depth look at BioWare’s new baby.  BioWare Edmonton have been making this, so this is what Mass Effect died for.  It’s a drop in co-op mech suit game.  The environments look really nice, but the gameplay seems generic, and I’ve never been a fan of drop in co-op.  I shall remain cautiously optimistic.

And that’s it for Microsoft.  Killing Xbox exclusives last year makes for a boring conference, but at least we know more about the Xbox One X.  Now onto Bethesda




Bethesda had a great conference last year, so can they keep the streak going?  There’s a sizzle reel to bring us in that shows footage from games that are already out.


Old Stuff

There’s new content for a bunch of games that are already out.  DLC for Doom, DLC for Fallout 4, etc.  Fallout 4 is getting VR support, and so is Doom.  Elder Scrolls Online got a new expansion the other day.  Dishonered 2 is getting story DLC,


Paid Mods

This shit again?  Fuck offffffffffffff.


Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls card game is getting new play modes and story expansions, including Skyrim stuff coming at the end of the month.



It’s on Switch confirmed.  Amiibo support means you can get the Master Sword etc, and there’s motion control support.


The Evil Within 2

Finally a new game!  We get a trippy trailer for it featuring milk faces.  It’s weird but the fact that it took almost 3/4ths of the press conference before they showed a new game is depressing.


Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

A new Wolfenstein game that takes place in post-war America!  Looks like it takes place after the New Order.  I really liked New Order, so I am on board.  Frau Engel is the villain this time around, and BJ is as violent as always.

Oh that’s it?  That’s seriously it?  What a letdown.  Only 2 new games in the whole conference.  Ick.


That’s it for day 1 of E3.  Bit of a let down compared to last year.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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