E3 2017 Day 2 Recap

Yay, day 2!  Sony and Ubisoft were up at bat today, so let’s see what was worth knowing from their conferences.


Heads up, the actual press conference doesn’t start until 58 minutes into that video.  Cheers Ubisoft, nice new logo.

Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle

Jesus H Christ, the conference opens with Shigeru Miyamoto to talk about the Mario and Ubisoft crossover.  What an unexpected way to open the show, I don’t think a Nintendo exec has ever appeared at someone else’s E3 conference.  The game is a Switch exclusive, and appears to be a tactics style game.  Straight off the bat, the art style is the same gold standard you’d expect from Mario games.  As much as I don’t particularly care for the rabbits and wish this was a Rayman crossover, it does look very fun.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins was trotted out again, and the presentation was a little more in-depth than what we saw at the Microsoft press conference.  Interesting note, the game director says that they’ve been working on Origins since Black Flag came out.  There’s some more gameplay that we didn’t see yesterday, looks pretty alright.


The Crew 2

I’ll take games that didn’t need a sequel for $400 please.  We get a sizzle reel trailer showing that The Crew 2 will include motorbikes, boats and planes along with cars.  It is more focused on motor sports, and less on avenging your dead brother.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

We get some new gameplay from the next South Park RPG.  No Matt Stone and Trey Parker this year, but we at least have a release date, October 17th.  Huzzah!



An Elijah Wood spearheaded VR horror game.  Interesting…  It’s out next spring.


Skull and Bones

A pirate combat game, much in the vein of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.  Skull and Bones is built around the naval combat, which will be a more in depth version of what we saw in Black Flag.  The game has online, and they teased a 5 vs 5 PVP mode.  Gameplay wise, it looks like it’s built on the Black Flag engine.


Just Dance 2018

It’s Just Dance.


Starlink Battle for Atlas

A spaceship combat game with a similar art style to No Man’s Sky.  The game’s big hook seems to be basically giant amiibos that will influence your ship in the game.



Steep’s getting an expansion to include the 2018 winter Olympics and will include several new game modes.  Nifty.


Far Cry 5

SOCIAL COMMENTARY.  I am very excited for Far Cry 5, it looks like the freshest thing the series has done in like 5 years.  The idea of playing Far Cry against a radical right-wing cult in rural Montana is so intriguing.  We get to see a “gameplay” demo that looks hype as shit.  A new mechanic is that it’s kinda team based now.  Really looking forward to it.


Beyond Good and Evil 2

Yes!  It’s real!  There’s a short film trailer for the game, and Michel Ancel is moved to tears by the ovation for Beyond Good and Evil 2.  BGE 2 is a prequel to the original cult classic, so no Jade.  No gameplay, but holy shit, just the reveal was an amazing way to close the conference.

Overall it’s not as great as what Ubisoft had last year.  Outside of Beyond Good and Evil, there was only a couple new things announced, and none of them look that spectacular.  Let’s see what Sony got up to.



Here we go boyos, let’s see if Sony can top Microsoft’s conference yesterday.  Protip, the conference starts 1:03:00 into that video.


Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Spoiler alert: no Nathan Drake.  The game stars Chloe and some new supporting cast members on a hunt for some treasure somewhere.  It’s built on the same engine as Uncharted 4 and seems to reuse a lot of assets.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

A DLC or expansion of some kind for HZD, that is nice and wintery.  Coming later this year.


Days Gone

Sony’s putting a lot of eggs into this basket and honestly I don’t think it’ll pay off.  Days Gone seems exceptionally generic, and the gameplay demo we got this year looked a lot like last years.  It just looks and seems like another generic zombie apocalypse game, no matter how hard Sony pushes it as a big deal.


Monster Hunter World

Cautious optimism.  The last console Monster Hunter wasn’t great, but this one seems to be changing up the gameplay quite a bit, which may be a good thing.  The gameplay demo looks really hype, and it’s expected out early next year.  I’m already dying for a Switch port.


Shadow of the Colossus

An HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus expected next year.  Looks like they rebuilt it from the ground up.  Yes please.


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

The game itself looks pretty ass, but hopefully it plays just as well as the others.  No X-Men this time around, the focus seems to be on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also Thanos vs Ultron yes please.


Call of Duty WWII

Move over Battlefield 1, it’s a Call of Duty trying to cash in on your series’ fresh take.  It looks like a Call of Duty game set in World War Two.  Should be good if that’s your thing.  It’s out November 3rd.


Skyrim VR

We saw this yesterday.  Enough Skyrim thanks.


Star Child

A science fiction sidescroller that features a giant mech that looks like a Gillette razor.


The Inpatient

Seems to be an asylum based horror/thriller.  Very short trailer, so there’s not a lot of info to go off of.


Final Fantasy XV

VR FISHING BABY.  Seriously that’s it.  It’s out in September.


Bravo Team

A generic looking VR shooter.  Very short trailer that looked really unimpressive.



It’s a game about a mouse, seems to be an atmospheric adventure title.  Very short trailer for this one as well.


God of War

Hey this time it’s an actual in game demo, not that pre-rendered nonsense from last E3.  The new art style is definitely intriguing, and the new gameplay style is interesting.  I think the original series got very stale, so I’m really excited for something fresh involving Kratos.  It’s more of a traditional adventure game with climbing and whatnot now.  You even get to play as Kratos’ son.  Best of all, there’s a giant talking snake!  Supposed to be out early next year.


Detroit: Become Human

David Cage at it again,  I have no time for the nonsense this guy makes.  The models look nicer than what we saw last year, but the game still looks like total bollocks.  Also in true David Cage fashion, the voice acting is still laughably bad.


Destiny 2

It looks like the first Destiny.  Here’s hoping they added some more replay value this time around so you’re not just grinding endlessly for no reason.  It’s out September 6th.



We get a proper gameplay demo and boy it looks sweet.  The game has a stealth/predator system, much like the Arkham games, and a combat system that seems to flow almost as smoothly.  The web slinging borrows everything you loved from Spiderman 2, and adds some slick improvements. The game does seems a little trigger happy with its quick-time events though.  I fully expect the graphics to be completely nerf’d when this eventually comes out, but even then it’ll be great.  The big reveal at the end is that Miles Morales will be in it!  Expect it next year.

And that does it for today’s conferences.  Keeping with the tradition of not being as good as last year, Sony’s conference was fine.  SpiderMan looked great, God of War looked decent, but outside of that nothing particularly knocked my socks off.  Worst of all, no Last of Us 2.  Shame.  Fingers are crossed for Nintendo’s conference.


Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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