E3 2017 Day 3 Recap

The final day for conferences is today, so did Nintendo manage to close E3 out on a high note?


Here’s the Nintendo Spotlight, courtesy of Reggie-san.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

We got an in-game trailer for Xenoblade 2, which showed off the awesome art style, and some wonderful JRPG voice acting.  Looks like it’ll be great, but no solid date for release.  Nintendo says holiday 2017, so cool.



We saw a gameplay demo for a new co-op Kirby sidescroller.  Looks like they’re trying to do for Kirby with this what they did for Mario with 3D Land.  Looks polished to infinity and full of that awesome Kirby charm.  Expect it next year sometime.


Pokemon Stuff

We got a better look at Pokken, the Tekken style Pokemon game, which looks like it’ll be a really fun Switch title.  We also learned that the next core Pokemon game will be on the Switch!  This means the 3DS is dead, and there will be no successor.  The Switch will be both Nintendo’s flagship console and handheld.


Metroid Prime 4

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?  Holy fucking shit, a new Metroid Prime!  YES.  We only get a splash screen and a message that it’s “now in development”.  I predict holiday 2019 release at the earliest, but STILL.



We get some gameplay for a new Yoshi sidescroller and looks very charming.  The art style is a little reminiscent of Wooly World, so it should be excellent.  It’s slated for next year sometime.


Fire Emblem Warriors

We get an in-game trailer for Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors style Fire Emblem project.  No real gameplay to be seen, but Fire Emblem has been on a roll for the last couple years, so high hopes.  It’s scheduled for Fall of this year.


Breath of the Wild

We get a look into Breath of the Wild’s DLC.  The first pack is some new combat trials and armor, called The Master Trials, and it’s out June 30th.  The second is story based, and seems to center around the Champions, possibly bridging the gap between Ganon’s arrival and the main game.  It’s called The Champion’s Ballad, and is expected for holiday season this year.


Super Mario Odyssey

We close the spotlight with a gameplay trailer for Super Mario Odyssey and oh my goodness gracious, it looks incredible.  Apparently this is the first Mario game to be in the same category as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.  We get to see a lot of platforming, and the main gimmick of the game.  Mario can throw his hat on stuff and take over that thing.  We see Mario possess Koopa’s, Goomba’s random people, and a fucking T-Rex!  Get in!  Looks flippin’ excellent, I can’t wait!  It’s out October 27th, so mark your calendars.

And that about does it.  It’s hard to say Nintendo didn’t win E3 this year.  Their conference was short, but every title they showed looks like fucking money.  Let me know what you liked at E3 this year, and who you think won the show!


Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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