EA Play 2017 Recap

Oh daddy it’s that time of year!  E3 is upon us, and the festivities kicked off with EA Play 2017!  Here’s everything worth knowing from EA’s press conference, and a link to the stream for you animals as well.



Madden 18

EA opened with Madden 18, because they know what pays the bills.  The game has a story mode now, which looks far too dramatic for a football game.  The rest of the game is your usual Madden fare.


Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is getting new maps and other DLC.  The most notable package is a Russian expansion called “In the Name of the Csar”.



It’s FIFA.


Need For Speed: Paypack

Some Youtube dummy went up and bombed while talking about NFS Payback.  It was hard to watch.  Payback is a revenge focused game as the name would suggest.  It seems to be going the way of Fast and Furious, going for a far more action focused feel.


A Way Out

The studio behind Brother: A Tale of Two Sons bring us this, a co op prison escape game.  It looks very cinematic, and they didn’t show much real gameplay.



A new IP from BioWare!  We get a tiny teaser that shows a mech suit, with a promise that we’ll see more at the Microsoft press conference.


NBA Live 18

It’s NBA.  It’s a basketball game.


Star Wars Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 will have a proper story mode!  It’s about time EA.  The story will take place between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens.  Battlefront 2 will apparently have 3 times the content as the 2015’s Battlefront, so it may be an almost complete game.  ZING!  All of Battlefront 2’s DLC maps and characters are free, but there will be paid DLC as well.  The multiplayer seems to have been refined, and Force Awakens era characters and maps are in the game.  There also seems to be space battles, FINALLY.

That’s about all from EA.  A little more disappointing than last year, but that’s the way she goes.  Keep it tuned here for more E3 news.


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