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Get your best shit kicking pants on, EA Sports UFC 2 is here!  EA’s second attempt at the UFC series is a notable improvement over its first, but the game falls shy of its potential.

Straight Dick Kicking

The game’s greatest strength is the stand-up face punching.  The stand-up mechanics were pretty good in the first game, and have been very refined in this one.  Every punch and kick thrown look great, and the physics surrounding all of it is quite impressive.  Fighting stand-up in this game feels quite like an arcade game, in the best possible way.  The movement animations have been updated well and it all looks so darn pretty.  Stand up fighting almost always feels fast paced and frantic, but can still be broken down and mastered like a proper fighting game.

Now you can even play as these guys, two of whom never competed in MMA.
Now you can even play as these guys, two of whom never competed in MMA.

Rest In Piece THQ

A major issue with the first game is back for its second showing.  While the ground game in UFC 2 has improved quite a bit over its predecessor, it’s still pretty shit.  Transition patterns make more sense, and the updated HUD gives you a much better idea of what you’re trying to do on the ground.  However, the ground game doesn’t flow at all.  Every transition feels rigid and it’s simply not very fun.  The ground game would have been much better if it borrowed from the ground game style used in the THQ UFC games of yesteryear.  This is where the biggest flaw in UFC 2 emerges.  The game really looks like a convincing MMA game but it doesn’t play like one.  While the stand-up game can be mastered, the ground game in UFC 2 is mostly left up to chance.  The slow, rigid, and uninvolved ground game really kills the proper MMA feel UFC 2 is supposed to have.

EA Sports Salt Simulator 2k16
EA Sports Salt Simulator 2k16

Where’s the Shill Reebok Mode?

UFC2 introduced quite a few new game modes to pretty mixed effect.  Knockout mode, which disables takedowns and grappling and focuses solely on slugging until someone face plants, is really god damn fun.  Ultimate Team mode however, which focuses on a trading card system to unlock in game bonuses, feels rushed and poorly put together.  The mode was seemingly copied straight out of FIFA, and pasted into UFC where it simply doesn’t fit.  Career mode is the same as usual, perform minigames to increase your fighter’s attributes and fight your way to a title shot.  The game essentially becomes a casual “play a couple of matches” game, since there isn’t really a game mode with any depth that will encourage you to play for more than 30 minutes at a time.

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UFC 2 is really God damn fun.  The visuals are very nice, animations have been improved, and knockout physics are always fun.  Hell, you can even play as Joe Rogan and CM Punk.  The game has a great arcade feel, which makes it very playable.  However, a lack of meaningful game modes, buggy gameplay, and a disappointing ground game drag the game down.  On a mechanical level UFC 2 is brilliant, but it doesn’t really capture the feel and excitement of MMA.  What did you think about UFC 2?  Hit up the comments and let us know!


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