WWE Fastlane Review

Fastlane Scorecard

2016 started pretty promising for the WWE after their disastrous 2015 and now they’re already back to their old ways.  Fastlane was a great indicator of things that are wrong with the WWE currently.

All About those Belts

To start with some positive notes, the Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto match for the US Title was awesome.  It was an almost perfectly booked 2 out of 3 falls match that showcased both men spectacularly. Of course the best place to showcase a match like this would be on the fucking preshow.  Kevin Owens went over Dolph Ziggler in a rather forgettable match for the IC Title, and Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch beat Team BAD in a pretty decent tag match.  AJ Styles had an awesome match with Chris Jericho to settle their feud.  Booking aside, the main event was a fun match to watch albeit it seems to have gone a little short.  There was great match phsycology by Roman and Dean to take Lesnar out of the match repeatedly so that the match was broken into segments of Roman vs Dean, Dean vs Brock, and Brock vs Roman.  This booking kept everyone looking strong, led to some great spots, and hid Reigns’ shortcomings very well.


It's like if Rey Mysterio's knees worked still.
It’s like if Rey Mysterio’s knees worked still.


Shameless Self Promotion

Right, onto to the bad stuff, starting with the Cutting Edge Peep Show.  What a waste of The New Day, Edge,  and Christian.  The segment was full of bad one liners, and could have been an awesome way to debut Enzo and Cass on the main roster, and yet was used to bring down the League of Jobbers and kill the crowd.  Watching this segment felt like Vince wrote it 5 minutes before they went on.

Bye Bye Mrs. Danielson

Charlotte vs Brie was an entirely forgettable match.  Charlotte did some nice heel work, but the story of the match was Brie leeching off her husband’s popularity and being terrible.  If this match proves to be Brie’s last, it’s not an awful note for her to leave on.

Bray Might Win a Match One Day, Right?

Ryback, Big Show, and Kane were all in a match that also involved Braun Strowman, so naturally it was horrendous.  Skipping over how unbelievably poor the match was, the Wyatt’s jobbed.  They jobbed to fucking Big Show and Kane in 2016.  The Wyatt’s are perhaps the most interesting gimmick in the WWE in the last 10 years, and yet are consistently booked like complete jobbers.  The Wyatt’s have lost every major feud they’ve had on the main roster, and are now reduced to losing to Big Show?  What a terrible way to treat the best stable you have WWE.


Basically Gilberg
Basically Gilberg


Wrestlemania: I Hope There Are Refunds Edition

Back to the main event, Roman Reigns won.  The positioning of Roman Reigns in the WWE was discussed pretty extensively in our Royal Rumble Review, and nothing about him has changed since.  Coming into this match, there were three paths the WWE could have taken; the smart path, the safe path, and the predictable/awful path.  Dean Ambrose was the smart path, Brock Lesnar was the safe path, and it’s no surprise what path Roman Reigns is.  WWE has squandered so many opportunities to build superstars in favour of trying to make Reigns popular, and have nothing to show for it.  Roman got the holy shit booed out of him when he won the title, when he won the title back, and at Fastlane.  In continuing to shove him into the main event, and passing over Ambrose yet again, it’s almost like WWE is asking people to stop watching.  Who is going to want to tune in for Wrestlemania 32, Triple H vs Lex Luger 2.0?


Just think back to happier times.
Just think back to happier times.


At the end of this entirely boring, formulaic, and mostly unnecessary show, the WWE has wasted all the momentum they had coming off the Royal Rumble, and have slowed travel on the road to Wrestlemania to a crawl.  If Fastlane is any indicator of Wrestlemania 32’s quality, it is going to be a bad year.  What did you think of Fastlane?  Are you a Roman Reigns fan?  Let’s fight about it in the comments.


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