Final Fantasy XV PC Review

About a year and a half after debuting on consoles, Final Fantasy XV finally went and got itself a PC port and lordy lordy it’s good.  FF XV already looked stunning on consoles but great googly moogly it is something else on PC.  The new battle system is a lot of fun and keeps you way more involved in the battles than past games, although it can feel like a bit of a clusterfuck at times.  The story is about as relatively straightforward as you’re ever going to get from a Final Fantasy game, although quite a few details are withheld from cutscenes and you’ll have to do some research to really piece the whole thing together.  The immense open world and incredible amount of sidequests, characters, locations, and extra contend is incredible, although sometimes the story driven dungeon crawling is much more constricting and tedious.  Overall Final Fantasy XV is a fantastic game made better on PC.  I don’t think it’s the best first time FF for people new to the series, but if you want something to disappear into for 70-100 hours, look no further.


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