Friday The 13th: The Game Review


What better time to release a Halloween game than in May?  Questionable release schedule aside, there’s been a lot of hype surrounding Gun Media’s kickstarter Friday The 13th game and now it’s finally here!

Stupid Sexy Teens

The game is a rather simple one.  Online only multiplayer, Jason vs those sexy camp counselors.  At the start of each round, one player is randomly selected to play as Jason, and they must kill all the other players before they escape or time runs out.  It’s a simple, yet genius gameplay model that is perfect for the game.  Playing as the different Jason’s will give you different special abilities, and there are seemingly endless ways to dispatch those pesky teens.  If you’re playing  as one of those teens, there’s plenty of different ways to evade Jason, or hide from him.  Teamwork is key, and therein lies one of the biggest pitfalls of the game.  If your team sucks, or aren’t into working together, the whole game is ruined.  Winning a round against Jason requires you to plan a strategy and work together, and if the team isn’t into that you have no chance of surviving at all.  The biggest issues with the game however, are technical ones.  There’s been plenty of server issues across all platforms, but the game itself is riddled with bugs.  The game really could have used more time in the oven, because it sucks not being able to win as Jason because one of the teens clipped through the floor and now it’s impossible to get at them.  There’s plenty of game breaking glitches that are just disheartening.  Thankfully, the sense of atmosphere and the soundtrack of the game are outstanding, especially the hair metal theme.  Seriously, check it out.

Should You Care?

Yes and no.  For an online only game it is very fun to play with friends.  The many bugs and server issues make it really difficult to get into however.  My honest recommendation is to wait until October.  By then most of the bugs and server issues should be ironed out, and it’ll be a much more appropriate time of year to play the game.  Let me know what you thought of Friday The 13th in the comment!



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