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Possible Spoilers

Say what you want about the X-Men movies and how most of them suck, but you have to tip your cap to Hugh Jackman.  Jackman has played Wolverine in 9 films over the last 17 years.  He’s become entirely synonymous with the role.  When it was confirmed that Logan was going to be his last appearance as Wolverine, and Patrick Stewart’s last appearance as Charles Xavier, there was no way it wasn’t going to be sad.  I just wanted the film to be a decent send off for the characters.  It was so much more.

Sad Grandpa Patrick Stewart is the best Patrick Stewart.

The Movie You Always Wanted

Right out of the gate, this is the first R rated Wolverine movie.  So this is the first (and last) movie where you get to see Logan in action as it’s meant to be.  As in limbs flying, heads coming off style action.  The film really uses the R rating to show off Logan in combat the way fans have always wanted to see it.  There’s something so visceral and real about the way he and Laura fight in the movie, and every action scene legitimately leaves you on the edge of your seat.

I wonder if she also has cool stabby powers.

Grit is an Understatement

Logan has always been a gritty character, but this film captures it in the best way.  In Logan, Wolverine is old and worn down.  His healing factor is slowing down, and the adamantium on his skeleton is slowly poisoning him.  He’s gruff, and his eyes carry an emotional weight.  The weight of watching all his friends die, twice if you count Days of Future Past.  The film is a character study of a Logan who is nearing the end of his days.  It’s a story of suicide, of life without hope.  At this point Logan is almost 300 years old, and you can feel the weight that he’s carried, and all the shit he’s seen over those years.  This is the first real depth of any kind we’ve gotten in regards to the character of Logan, and Jackman portrays it masterfully.  A similar funk has befallen Professor X.  Now 90 years old in a world with no new mutants, Charles mind is failing and his time too running out.  Suffering from Alzheimer’s and seizures, Charles can no longer control his powers, the foundation of his existence and purpose his entire life.  Patrick Stewart is incredible as the Charles Xavier who is on his way out, but still wants to see the good in the world.  Dafne Keen plays a very important role in the film.  I don’t want to spoil her character, but from the trailers you can tell the gist of it.  I’m always skeptical of child actors, because they usually suck.  Despite this being her first film role, Keen is perfect as Laura and gives a fantastic performance despite having next to no dialogue.  The relationship between Laura and Logan is a focal point of the movie, and the chemistry between Keen and Jackman makes it feel real.

Choice Bromance of the Year

Farewell Sweet Prince

This movie is sad as fuck.  I didn’t want to see Logan go, but if he was going to, I wanted a proper send off for him.  The closing of the movie is perfect.  It’s absolutely perfect.  I can’t quite fathom a better final chapter for Wolverine.  To say that this movie tugs on the heartstrings is a massive understatement.  It’s one of the most emotionally moving films I can recall.  Forget what you knew about comic book movies, because Logan kills all of that.  It broke the mold, and established itself as the best comic book movie.  Ever.  I cannot recommend this film enough.  Go see it.


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