Metal Gear Survive Review


Oh Konami, why do you want us to hate you so much?  Metal Gear Survive is a complete abomination of assets cobbled together from Metal Gear Solid 5.  This game is nothing but a shallow attempt to squeeze some more cash out of the Fox engine and other MGS V assets.  The story is lazy and derivative.  I mean, a zombie spin off in 2018?  Really?  While there’s a couple of decent survival mechanics built in, the gameplay is so fucking boring.  It’s just all busy work, needless padding, and complete soullessness.  Every element of creativity and heart that made Metal Gear great is gone without a trace.  Even in a world without the Metal Gear series, this game is bad.  It’s really bad.  Metal Gear’s existence just makes it worse.  This is a pure insult to fans of the series, and an insult to Hideo Kojima’s legacy.  Don’t buy this.



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