NHL 19 Review


*Hockey Night in Canada Theme Intensifies*

Ah yes, EA is here to cash in on the nation’s pastime.  NHL 19 showed up last month and quite honestly it’s not that bad.  NHL 19 has a great amount of game modes to give excellent variety to gamers, including the new Franchise Mode, where you get to be an expansion team that actually wins the Stanley Cup (lol Vegas).  The biggest change in 19 is World of CHEL, EA’s new online mode that more or less boils down to ODR mode (ODR means Outdoor Rink for you non Canadians).  It’s a very fun mode with a lot of different options, including sweaters and toques 3 on 3.  The physics have also been improved a bit, but not quite enough.  To focus on the negatives, Outside of CHEL and Franchise, there isn’t much difference between this and NHL 18.  The visuals are still a wet fart.  Lootboxes.  Perhaps worse of all is the new penalty system, which is just so broken.  Seriously, attempting a poke check will get you a tripping penalty 100% of the time.  NHL 19 is fun, but I don’t see the need to buy it if you already own 17 or 18, unless you REALLY need your sports games to be up to date.


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