Pokemon Sun & Moon Review


Remember Pokemon?  You should, it’s only been around for 20 years and has had an incredible impact on gaming and TV.  Nintendo and Game Freak’s latest duo in the series recently landed on the 3DS, so can the series retain its greatness after so long on top?  Yep.

But Where Are The Gyms?

Sun and Moon’s biggest strength is their departure from the series status quo.  There are no gyms or gym leaders anymore.  Madness right?  No, it’s actually wonderful.  The games take place in Alola, a fictional knock off of Hawaii.  The new setting is awesome for Pokemon, and is divided into several different islands.  The point of the game is that on each island the player must complete several Captain’s challenges and then battle the island Kahuna.  Captains challenges are different challenges the player must complete before battling a Totem, a very strong Pokemon.  Like gyms, the challenges are centered around 1 Pokemon type, but are all unique in how you complete them.  They are a great change of pace from gyms.  The island Kahuna is essentially the last boss of each island, one very strong trainer.  The formula feels really fresh, but still really fun.

One of these starters looks way cooler than the others.

Team Rocket?

No.  Instead of the band of lovable Pokemon thieves, we get a different band of lovable Pokemon thieves.  Team Skull are essentially a bumbling group of white rappers that steal Pokemon, and they are just the best.  Despite no Team Rocket, we do get to see a familiar face or two in the game.  Professor Oak makes an appearance or two, and its always nice to see him.  On the subject of things missing, there are no more HM’s.  HM abilities are simply unlocked now, and no longer need to be assigned to a Pokemon.  No more carrying one poor soul that exists to know all the HM’s.

Yo yo yo yo yo

Is That a Pokemon or a Trainer?

Sun and Moon aren’t always sunshine and roses.  The two biggest issues with them are a shaky frame rate and some really dodgy textures.  While the games run perfect normally, the battle animations, which are awesome by the way, really knock the frame rate down.  God help you if you’re doing a 2 vs 2 battle, the game will drop below 10 fps.  The textures in that games are nothing to shout about either.  While some are good, most look verrrrry shit.  Most of the game models and Pokemon look like an original DS game circa 2004.

Yea that looks greaaaaaat.

Should You Care?

Yessir.  There’s no such thing as a bad Pokemon game, but Sun and Moon are the best ones in years.  If you own a 3DS, you have no excuse not to own one of these.  Do yourself a favor and go pick it up!


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