Retro Review: Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy

Welcome to our first Retro Review!  In a ploy for more content we’ll be reviewing games of yesteryear to see how they hold up today!  Nifty and completely original idea, right?  For this first edition we’re looking at a Sony classic, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy!

Gilbert Gotfried?

The first thing that stands out to me upon firing up Jak and Daxter again is the voice acting.  Straight out of the gate the quality of the voice acting is impressive considering this game came out in 2001.  As grating as Daxter’s voice can be, I find it to be a wonderful Gilbert Gotfried impression.  The quality of the dialogue itself has aged, but still stands tall above most games of the same time frame.  Jak being a mute character is a product of its time, but him not talking at all is still a lot better than Jak 2.

Sucks to be Rare

From a gameplay standpoint, Jak and Daxter is nearly flawless still.  It’s a simply excellent platformer, even 16 years later.  The controls are very responsive, and the combat is exactly what you’d expect from a game like this.  The only downside I’ll give the gameplay is that early 2000’s camera that never really works.  Et tu Mario Sunshine.  The game’s environments are lovingly crafted and really fun to explore, without turning the game into a Banjo Kazooie style collectathon.  The art style goes a long way to hide the game’s age.  The very vibrant colour palette and hyper stylized characters still look excellent today, even if a lot of the textures are showing their age.

So much GRASS.

Is it Worth Revisiting?

Yes it is.  I miss these simple early platformer/adventure games of the early 2000’s, and to get my fix I usually don’t have to go much further than Jak and Daxter.  While the series may be effectively dead, you can’t forget that it was one of the mainstays of the Ps2 era, and for good reason.  Before Jak 2 came along and tried to do too much, the original is wonderfully simple, technically brilliant, and visually stunning.  I thoroughly recommend revisiting it.  You can find an original copy at most bargain shops a reckon, and the whole series is available on the Playstation Store.


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