Sony Reveals PS4 Pro

Sony has concluded their press conference to finally unveil the PlayStation Neo, and now we finally have the dirty details.  The PlayStation Neo is in fact called the PlayStation 4 Pro.  Like a lot of people predicted, the PS4 Pro is more like a PS4.5 than anything.  The PS4 Pro has a new graphics card and a slightly faster processor.  So will it do 4K like Sony has been promising?  Well not really.  The PS4 Pro will be able to output 4K and HDR for Netflix and video streaming, but not for Blu-ray or games.  The Pro also comes standard with a 1 TB hard drive and will launch November 10th for $399.99 US.

They added a new slab to it. Yay.
They added a new slab to it. Yay.

Sony also unveiled a PS4 slim that will launch September 15th for $299.99 US.  It is a PS4 in every way of the word, but as the name suggests it is slimmer.

So is the PS4 Pro worth it?  It’s reveal is certainly underwhelming and Sony has been tight lipped about how it will work with PlayStation VR.  All games will still be compatible with standard PS4 and the Pro, so unless you have a 4K TV it seems pointless.   Let us know your thoughts on the Pro in the comments.


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