Splatoon 2 Review

Hey, a new game for the Switch!  Splatoon 2 is the only real first party Switch game this summer, so hopes and expectations are high.  Does it deliver?

Bring The Pain(t)

I like to think Splatoon was made possible by Mario Sunshine, because Nintendo must really love those goop physics.  Splatoon 2 is as simple as it’s predecessor; spray goop on stuff.  Splatoon 2 adds to it with a couple new game modes and some other updated stuff.  It now has a wonderful co-op mode that’s like a more fun version of hoard mode.  The single player campaign is as charming and fun as ever, and online is always a blast.  But let’s talk about some not so fun stuff.

All the goop colours are so wonderfully bright.


The game starts you off with one online mode: Turf War.  Turf War is simple, thou must sprayeth the most goop.  It’s fun, but that’s all there is to it.  The game requires you to hit rank 10 before you play any other online mode.  It’s one thing to make sure you’re up to snuff before you get to play ranked matches and whatnot, but reaching rank 10 takes about 10 or so hours of online play.  It’s pretty excessive for what is essentially the online tutorial, and those last couple hours before rank 10 really drag on.  On another note, the soundtrack doesn’t grab me in the same way as the original Splatoon’s.  It feels more repetitive and uninspired.  I wish the soundtrack matched the style of the game more.

Boss fights are dope too.

Should You Care?

Splatoon’s art style speaks for itself, it’s cutesy, charming, and screams “This game is fun”.  Gameplay has been polished to perfection, as you’d expect from Nintendo EPD.  Splatoon 2 is fun, it’s really fun.  I played a lot of online, and beat the single player on a series of plane rides.  Splatoon is the perfect kind of game for the Switch, it runs spectacularly, has a single player perfect for on-the-go play, and easy to drop into online play.  While it has its limitations, it improves soundly on the flaws of the original, and is an excellent addition to any Switch owners stack of games.  What did you think of Splatoon 2?  Let me know in the comments.


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