State of the Score: April 2016

It’s that time of the month already, time for the State of the Score!  March was pretty fun for us, but now we must set our sights on the horizons of April.  April probably won’t be that much fun.

As I’ve stated before, Skip to the Score is run entirely by a team of students.  If you are a student yourself, you know that April is exam season.  Since we’re all going to be balls deep in exams until around the 20th of the month, things are going to look a little barren around here.  That’s not to say there will be nothing though!  I’ll be continuing to write Raw Roundup for the month, and will have a review of Wrestlemania 32 up as well.  Additionally, one of us should have time and money to review Ratchet and Clank and Star Fox Zero, and hopefully a few other things.  We’ll be done our exams just before PAX East kicks off, so you can also look forward to some coverage of that!

Are you a reader who likes the same shit we do?  Do you want to write an article or review for us?  As always, we’re still constantly looking for people to help us generate content.  If you want to give it a try, hit up the “Contribute” tab above this post.  Same as last month, we could really use some help keeping the hosting up on the site, so if you have an Amazon account (I know you do, everyone does), do your amazon shopping through our links on the sidebar!  You don’t have to buy the product in the link, simply do your shopping as usual on that visit, and we’ll get a tiny cut of what you spend.  Skip to the Score is not profitable at all, and we’d just like to reduce the strain on our bank accounts to keep writing you guys shit.

Lastly, preparations are going real swimmingly on our podcast!  We know a little more than we did last month about podcasting (not much still), and it’s all very exciting.  We’re hoping to have an episode or two recorded by the end of the month, and have them go live in May.  We have no idea what to call this podcast though, so any suggestions from you guys would be awesome!

That’s all I have.  Please bear with us through this horrible exam season nonsense, we promise not to come back too bitter.  As always, thank you guys for coming to the site and validating all the effort we put into this.  If you have any questions for us at all, leave them in the comments.


Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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