State Of The Score: December 2016

Happy non denominational winter festivus!  Shit’s been crazy here, but we do have some stuffed planned for this month!

Despite exams really pushing our shit in, we will have some reviews going up soon.  We’ll have something for sure for Steep and Pokemon Sun/Moon for sure, and hopefully a couple more games if we have the time.  I can’t promise anything for TV and Movies though.

How about the last episode of Skip To The Show?  Clinton stopped by and we hammered it out pretty quick but I think it turned out okay.  Not quite sure what to do for this month’s episode but it’ll be up on time.  Hell, we might even have a very special guest…..

You know how every gaming or whatever site always does an arbitrary “best of the year” article?  Hey, we’re doing that too!  I’ll have to gather opinions from the lads, so look for that a little closer to Christmas.

That’s what’s going on this month.  Unfortunately with exams really ruining us until about the 18th content will be pretty light until then.  Wish us luck, and good luck for you students out there!




Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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