State Of The Score: February 2018

Holy heck it’s cold out.  Stay inside and make some hot chocolate, it’s the State of the Score!


Yikes, this is a rough month.  February into early March is the busiest month of my entire degree so, uh, yikes.  I’m not going to get much done on the site this month, but I’ll give you an update anyhow.  There’s not a ton of game releases this month, most notably EA UFC 3, The re-releases of Bayonetta 1 and 2, The Secret of Mana remake, and Metal Gear Survive.   Out of all of those, I’ll probably only play Secret of Mana, so hopefully I can get a review going for that.  Money’s tight so I won’t be able to afford anything else anyways.  I’m hoping to get out to see Black Panther, so fingers crossed for that.  No other movies that really matter this month.  Lastly for the podcast.  We’re all really time strapped but I’m hoping to fit a recording in sometime next week.  I’m going to try and get all the guys in for a proper episode, but worst case Ontario there’ll be another VGMixtape this month.

That’s about it.  Sorry it’s not much but degree projects are hard.  Thanks for bearing with me.



Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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