State Of The Score: January 2018

Happy New Year everyone.  The Holidays are behind us and now it’s back to work.  We hope you got lotsa good shit for Christmas!  Here’s what’s going on this month.

January is always the dark ages for gaming, there’s literally nothing coming out this month.  I’ll be catching up on my backlog, most notably Cuphead and finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Just for some content, my girlfriend got me a Retropie for Christmas, so I’ll do a feature or two about that.  Hopefully I can also pad the site out with another listicle or Retro Review, we’ll see.

There’s also no movies coming out worth seeing, but fret ye not.  I still haven’t seen The Last Jedi and will hopefully be doing that this weekend, so there’ll be some content up for that.  Nothing of note in TV this month either, so I’ll just be watching Fargo.

Lastly, Skip To The Show.  We’ve been about 3 months without a new episode, which is completely frigged.  With how busy school kept us during November and December and with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays there just wasn’t time to record anything.  In good news, I’ve been playing around with a new recording set up and software and we’ll be recording a new episode this week!  It may take a little longer than usual to edit on account of the new software, but I should have it up before the end of next week.  That’s what’s going on this month.

Stay warm out there,



Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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