State Of The Score: July 2016

Oh Doctor! It’s that time of the month again!  I may be a little late due to taking some time off to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation in history, but the State of the Score is finally here!

E3 is in the pocket and out of sight, and it was a blast to cover that!  Some great games were released in June and we wished we could have played all of them to review (damn you TbayTel I want to play Overwatch).  There was also Warcraft, which was possibly the worst video game movie ever!  We didn’t get as much published in June as we had hoped, which brings me to the focus of this post.

June was a big and hectic month for us at Skip To The Score, and by us I mean mostly me.  Unfortunately the gang is still stretched across the country and with everyone working full time gigs and Jhustin fighting forest fires, contributions to the site have been pretty limited.  And they’ll have to stay limited until September basically.  It sucks, I know.  The truth is I’m doing what I can with the site at the moment while juggling two jobs of my own.  We wish we could provide you guys with more goodies to read and podcasts to listen to, but for the time being we’re stretched to our limit and it just isn’t feasible. Now this doesn’t mean STTS will be a ghost town until September, but just in general, I can only manage an article or two a week.  Fret not though, because Skip To The Show will still always be on time!  In closing, we’re sorry dudes.  We’re bummed we can’t do more with the site at the moment, and we really hope you’ll stay with us.

There are some things planned for July though, don’t worry!  Since there are almost no new games of note or movies coming in July, we’ll just have to write more fun feature articles!  Also keep a look out for a brand new episode of Skip To The Show later this month as well!  Here’s the last one in case you missed it

So that’s about it.  Thanks for sticking with us guys, and as always leave any questions in the comments and I’ll answer literally all of them.




Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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