State of the Score: June 2016

Another month is on the books!  May was pretty great for us, and we’re really excited for June!  May saw the second episode of Skip To The Show, a Captain America review, and a lot of other fun goodies.

Firstly, I know that they’re late as fuck, but scorecards for Doom and X-Men Apocalypse will be here this week, courtesy of Fat Neil.  So hurray for that!  Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming out and we are really excited to play and review that!  EA Play and E3 are both happening in the same week!  Make sure you pop around here for some great content from both of those shows.  There’s also going to be some big film releases this month that we’ll have reviews for!

Wow... I can't wait.
Wow… I can’t wait.

How’d you guys like the VGMixtape?  I know it seemed pretty slap-dashed, because it was.  With all of us scattered across the country for the next few months, making Skip To The Show is seeming like a real challenge.  We are playing around with ways to make a competent show despite the huge physical distance between us, so please bear with us!  The show will still be on time every month, and hopefully I can get a few guests to pop on the cast as well.  If you liked the VGMixtape please leave some suggestions of your favorite VGM in the comments and I’ll play it on the next VGMixtape (whenever that is).  Thanks again for supporting the show, it really makes the juice worth the squeeze.

That’s all I got right now.  Thank you so much for continuing to come back to Skip To The Score and supporting us.  As always, if you’re willing to be a super brah friend of the site, consider using our Amazon links, those help us keep the site alive.  Hit me with any questions you have in the comments!




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