State Of The Score: June 2017

Ahoy brothers and brahs!  Summer is here and with it comes all those summer goodies you’ve been looking forward to!  Here’s what’s on tap this month.

Gaming is finally on the rise!  There’s not a ton in the way of notable new releases outside of Arms, but I’ll finally be getting my hands on Persona 5 next week.  The review will only be like 3 months late!  Big news: EA Play and E3 are next week!  Hooray!  We’ll be running plenty of content about the conferences during the week, and might even have a tie in on Skip To The Show this month as well!

I’ve been catching up on House of Cards, so there might be a season 5 review in the works later this month.  G.L.O.W hits Netflix later this month and I’ll be reviewing that because wrestling is good.  Speaking of wrestling, I may partake in the next WWE PPV, we shall see.  In terms of movies, one of us will get around to seeing Wonder Woman sometime soon, and Baby Driver later this month as well.

That’s the gist of it.  We’re all working full time now, and getting day drunk as often as possible so keep that in mind when you read this shit.  Cheers boyos



Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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