State Of The Score: March 2017

Hey look at that, it’s been a year since the first State of the Score!  Good to know that one year on these articles are still totally pointless.  But fuck that, let’s get into what’s going down this month.

Holy Nintendo Switch Batman!  Oh goody, Nintendo’s new flagship console/handheld launches on Friday.  Now none of us have been able to get a preorder so it doesn’t look like there will be any day one content on the Switch.  Once I do get my hands on one, which hopefully will be sometime this month, there will be an article or two on the system itself, and eventually a Breath of the Wild review.  Horizon Zero Dawn just came out a couple days ago, and I’ve been yelling at Fat Neil and Jhustin a lot so hopefully one of them will man up and write a review of it.  We’re also getting Mass Effect Andromeda this month!  Look out for something on that.

March is also the first big month for movies in a while.  We’re getting Logan and Kong: Skull Island in the same fucking week! Huzzah!  There will be reviews of both of those in the next few weeks.

As far as TV goes there isn’t a whole lot going on until the summer, but wrestling is a different story.  Fastlane is this month, get ready to be disappointed, and Wrestlemania is right at the beginning of April, get ready to be angry.  Lucha Underground is also coming to Netflix soon, and we’ll be doing something to mark the occasion.

Things have been a train wreck on Skip To The Show for pretty much all of 2017 so far.  Sorry, there’s just been a lot of things out of our control that really fuck with our recording schedule.  We’re hopefully going to record episode 11 in the next couple days, unless Peter starts being lame again and we have something very special planned for episode 12.

So that’s what’s going on this month.  It’s the biggest month in terms of content we’ve had in a while so we’re pretty excited!  As always, leave any questions you have in the comments.




Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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