State Of The Score: November 2016

Halloween is in the pocket and out of sight!  After being radio silent for a couple weeks due to school kicking me straight in the taint, I’m back!  October was a bit of a mess where we were all too busy with school and jobs to really get some good stuff going on the site.  November is going to be pretty similar.  I’ll be going full throttle to finish out the semester, which is going to leave me with pretty much no free time.  There are some things you can look forward to this month though!

A whole bunch of games came out pretty recently as you may have noticed.  Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are both giant releases that we’ll have something for this month, be it a review or a scorecard.  November has some big gaming releases itself, most notably Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy 15, and Watch Dogs 2.  Big month for sequels.  Time permitting we’ll try to have something up for those titles as well.

Have you ever heard of the Dr. Strange fellow?  Turns out he has a movie out and it’s pretty good by all accounts.  Either Peter or myself will be seeing it soon, so look forward to a review!  I didn’t cover a sniff of wrestling in the last month, mostly because the brand exclusive PPV’s aren’t great and aren’t really worth watching.  However November is the home of Survivor Series!  I can’t not watch a big 4 PPV and not review it, so keep an eye out for that!

Are you guys liking Skip To The Show?  We put together a great and drunken James Bond episode last month that we’re very proud of.  Give it a listen here if you haven’t already!  Pretty please?

We’ll have another episode out this month as usual, but I can’t spoil what it’ll be about!  As always, if you want to be a real lad, go leave us a review on iTunes, or wherever you listen to the show.  Additionally, you can sign up for Audible using our link  You can also use our Amazon links on the site to help us out.  Hey, even shoot us a tweet or something from time to time!  That’s about all for this month, leave you questions in the comments if you got em!




Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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