State Of The Score: November 2017

Someone help me please.  November is here, and with it comes the decline in my mental health.  Here’s what’s up.

Between school and working two jobs, I don’t have much time for the site.  I’m going to spend my site time this month catching up on things from last month.  I’m starting my Mario Odyssey review tomorrow, and will hopefully have the cash to pick up Wolfenstein 2 this month.

The second season of Stranger Things dropped last week, and when I have time to binge it I’ll pump a review out.  I may have time to see Thor Ragnarok, but no promises.

Lastly, there shall be a new episode of Skip To The Show this month, fret ye not.  No set topic yet, but I’m kicking some ideas around.

That about covers it.  Happy Thanksgiving, America.




Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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