Skip To The Show #2: VGMixtape Vol. 1

With the lads scattered, Justin is flying solo and playing some of our favorite pieces of video game music.  Our celebration of VGM includes tracks from The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, an some really weird Japanese stuff.  Leave some of your favorite VGM in the comments and be sure to check out as well as and Super OSW 64!


0:07:49 Moon (Ducktales – Hiroshige Tonomura)

0:09:22 Magus Battle (Chrono Trigger – Yosunori Mitsuda)

0:12:03 Metal Gear Theme (Metal Gear Solid 2 – Harry Gregson-Williams)

0:15:52 Laura’s Theme (Silent Hill 2 – Akira Yamaoka)

0:19:17 Song of Healing (LoZ Majora’s Mask – Koji Kondo/Toru Minegishi)

0:26:35 Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Double Dash – Kenta Nagata/Shinobu Tanaka)

0:29:30 Cipher Admin Battle (Pokemon Colosseum – Tsukasa Tawada)

0:31:43 Rockvale Temple (LoZ Majora’s Mask – Koji Kondo/Toru Minegishi)

0:34:58 Menu Theme (Smash Brothers Melee – Hirozaku Ando)

0:43:57 Overworld (Super Mario World – Koji Kondo)

0:45:29 Ashley’s Theme (WarioWare Touched – Masanobo Matsunaga)

0:47:32 Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star – Jun Ishikawa)

0:49:49 Title Theme (Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon – Shigeru Araki Yusuke)

1:00:03 VR Missions (Metal Gear Solid – Kazuki Muraoka)

1:02:38 Booster’s Tower (Super Mario RPG – Yoko Shimomora)

1:04:18 Breeze Song (Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life – Hiroshi Nakajima)

1:05:57 Dragon Roost Island (LoZ Wind Waker – Kenta Nagata/Koji Kondo)

1:08:25 To The End of the Wilderness (Wild Arms – Michiko Naruke)

1:14:56 Frigate (Goldeneye – Grant Kirkhope)

Theme song by Anamanaguchi.


Justin should probably be in class right now. @JerstinRob

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