Super Mario Odyssey Review


My goodness boys and girls, a new 3D Mario game is upon us!  The Switch’s flagship Mario game is finally here, and by golly ain’t she great.


The Princess Got Captured?

As is an institution in Mario games, Peach has found herself kidnapped by Bowser, who intends to marry her.  Bowser then flies all around the world in his airship, stealing treasures from various kingdoms to plan the perfect wedding.  It’s almost kind of sweet when you think about it.  Your first encounter with Bowser lands you in the Cap Kingdom, where you meet Cappy, the cool hat with eyes that you throw at things.  As Mario stories go, it’s a little less serious than Galaxy and has a much more lighthearted feel.  But how does it play?


Jumping and Other Activities

Yeah this game plays so good.  The 3D Mario formula has already been perfected, so it’s pretty much impossible to make a bad one.  The controls are fantastic, and the platforming is the stuff of dreams.  The cap throwing mechanic is great.  The cap allows you to take over many different beings to solve puzzles and the like, and as well aids in platforming and combat.  It’s a fresh mechanic that Odyssey really needs to stand out.  In terms of length, the main story is pretty short and you can finish it in about 6 hours.  However, after that there’s well over 100 hours of gameplay to be had.  Instead of stars, you collect Power Moons in Odyssey and there are so many of them it’s staggering.  For main story purposes, each world requires you to collect about 15 of them, but each world has 50-100 that can be hunted.  There’s no shortage of fun to be had on each world.  Speaking of which…

Best part of the game is the jump rope.

How Big is This World?

There are many different “Kingdoms” you travel between in Mario Odyssey.  Each is very unique and has its own theme and special items.  There’s the token water kingdom, the prehistoric world kingdom, ancient Egypt kingdom, cloud top kingdom, food themed kingdom, feudal Japan kingdom, and of course New Donk City to name a few.  In terms of sheer size, most of the kingdoms aren’t that large, but are still absolutely packed with Power Moons and other hidden goodies.  There isn’t a central hubworld in Odyssey, rather you just travel from kingdom to kingdom at will.  The art style and feel of all these worlds is simply incredible, it’s truly some of Nintendo’s best work.  Lastly, perhaps the biggest draw of the game to some is the insane amount of unlockable costumes.  There are so many things you can dress Mario as, from Luigi, Waluigi, samurai Mario, Mario 64 Mario, explorer Mario, classy suit Mario, swimming gear Mario, and elegant white tuxedo Mario.  And that’s like not even a 10th of them.  The costumes add a lot of playtime to the game, because you really want to collect them all.

Ice in the desert? But how?

Should You Care?

Very much so.  Super Mario Odyssey is incredible.  I’m not sure it’s the best 3D Mario, but it could be.  Everything about this game is near perfect, and I’m struggling to think of any improvements I would make.  Between this and Breath of the Wild, the Switch is really looking good these days.  Seriously, the Switch currently has the two top Game of the Year contender.  Buy this game.  Buy it now.


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