The Defenders Season 1 Review


Several years of Netflix productions have finally converged and we finally have our B-tier Avengers!  The Defenders individual shows are everywhere from underwhelming to excellent, so where does their ensemble land?  Roughly in the middle.



As with any ensemble show, the heroes must first meet each other and sort out their differences.  The Defenders sorts this out pretty quickly, which I appreciate but it still has its problems.  All 4 members stumble upon the The Hand’s plot in different ways, but some are better than others.  Jessica Jones gets involved through a case she’s working, and Daredevil tags along because he’s her lawyer and is suspicious.  Iron Fist is hunting Hand members across the world and Luke Cage is investigating some going ons in Harlem.  Out of the 4, only Jessica and Daredevil’s journey to The Hand actually make sense.  After their initial team up we get a classic bottle episode where they work out their problems.  Very nice.  The Hand is the primary villain, but the show gets really up its own ass with Hand lore to a degree that isn’t necessary and just makes the story feel impenetrable.

I wonder what hijinks they’ll get up to.

Kicking? I Want To Do Kicking

Daredevil had some incredible action scenes.  Jessica Jones had some good ones.  Iron Fist had exactly one good one.  Luke Cage had none.  The Defenders action scenes, much like the rest of the show, fall in the middle.  The action scenes are fine, but nothing is particularly noteworthy.  They’re fine.  Just fine.  Having watched both seasons of Daredevil though, I can’t help but feel disappointed.  Coupled with the fact there is only a few big action scenes in the whole show, ick.

Daredevil still gets all the best action scenes.

Who Are They Really?

The Defenders sure are a motley crew, aren’t they?  Each member brings something to the team, but some are better than the others.  Daredevil is the only character of the bunch who has any real character development or a side plot, his struggle to hang up the cowl and lead a normal life.  Luke Cage wants to help Harlem, and is one-dimensional as ever.  Jessica Jones is an alcoholic and honestly doesn’t even have a motivation to be part of the team.  Iron Fist is a whiny bitch that everyone hates, but he’s rich I guess.  The characters do play well off each other, and most of the actors do a great job.  Sigourney Weaver is excellent as she always is, Charlie Cox is fantastic as Matt Murdoch.  Krysten Ritter is great, and hell even Mike Colter isn’t that awful anymore.  The big weak link is Finn Jones.  He’s bloody awful.  He’s a terrible actor portraying a shit character and he drags the entire show down.  He makes Mike Colter look like an Emmy winner in comparison.

Stick: still infinitely cooler than Iron Fist

Should You Care?

Yeah I suppose.  The Defenders is where all the Marvel shows have been leading, and it’s not bad.  There’s some great scenes, it is fun to see all four characters interact, and Daredevil absolutely steals the show.  It’s only 8 episodes so it doesn’t overstay its welcome, which is a pleasant surprise.  Honestly the best part of the whole show is the teaser for The Punisher series at the end.  Let me know what you thought of The Defenders in the comments.


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