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Everyone loves Pokémon; don’t even pretend that you don’t.  It could be argued that Japan’s resident Pocket Monsters are one of gaming’s most important and influential franchises, and it’s turning 20 years old today!  To honour Pikachu’s legacy, we’re going to countdown our top 5 favorite pairs from the series.

5.  Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire


Pokemon can break the sound barrier, what a time to be alive.
Pokemon can break the sound barrier, what a time to be alive.

The 3DS remake of the Gameboy advance original games are pretty damn good.  Keeping the roster and map of the GBA source material, but applying all the advances made up to and including Pokémon X and Y (more on them later), Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are two of the best titles available on the 3DS and provide a perfect mix of nostalgia and up to date gaming.  Would play/10.

4.  Black and White


Literally made out of glass.
Literally made out of glass.

The Nintendo DS saw another leap forward for the Pokémon series.  Black and White introduced new Pokémon, a new world and a breath of fresh air for the series.  Despite being the point of the series where Nintendo ran out of colours to use for names, Black and White remain the series best offerings on the DS.

3.  Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire


Rayquaza was the coolest kid on the playground.
Rayquaza was the coolest kid on the playground.

The pinnacle of the GBA run of Pokémon serves as a great representation of the first big leap in the series.   Along with Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald introduced full colour and a brand new set of pit fighting pets.  The game’s updated art style looks absolutely incredible and the mechanics are near flawless.  Emerald is still definitely worth a play through.

2.  X and Y


Muh childhood...
Muh childhood…

The first non-remakes to show up on the 3DS were, well amazing.  The merging of the series’ original top down view with new 3d visuals and battle graphics is tremendous.  The first set of new Pokémon games in almost 3 years were a breath of fresh air, and once again got fans excited for the future of the series.

1.  Blue Red and Green


For a game called Blue, there's an awful lot of yellow on this title screen...
For a game called Blue, there’s an awful lot of yellow on this title screen…

To get the best, sometimes you have to back to the beginning.  For their time, Red and Blue flipped portable gaming on its god damn head.  The games are of an original concept, outstandingly playable, and completely timeless.  These games stand up amazingly well in 2016 and they will continue to do so into 2017, 2018 and on to forever.

The moral of the story is that Pokémon is amazing.  The games and its TV show just about raised and entire generation of kids, and changed the gaming industry forever.  Now go play Pocket Morty’s.

He's basically a Blastoise
He’s basically a Blastoise


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