Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review


There has never been a bad day to punch a Nazi and just in time for all the wonderful political commentary, Wolfenstein 2 is here to provide us with a much needed outlet.  3 years after The New Order, New Colossus arrives and manages to soundly improve on every facet of what I believe to be a severely underrated story based first person shooter.  New Colossus improves the visuals, the already stellar gameplay, and further fleshes out the characters.  Built on the same engine as our 2016 Game of the Year, DOOM, the gameplay is fast paced and incredibly satisfying.  The dialogue is well written and delivered, and the game tells an excellent story with the perfect mixture of comedy and tragedy.  The things that I can nitpick about are few.  The ending of the game comes out of nowhere and leaves a heck of a lot unresolved.  I’ll forgive it if they were setting up for another sequel, but given the poor sales numbers of New Colossus so far, it’s unlikely we’ll get closure.  Lastly, there’s no final boss fight, which is an absolute staple of the series.   If you want a great story driven adventure, play this.  It’s fantastic.  Keep single player gaming alive.


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