Worst of the Year Awards 2017

Another year, another dump of awful games, movies, and world news.  There was a lot of bright spots in 2017, the Switch, Logan, etc.  There was also just a whole bunch of pure crap.  So snuggle up with some hot chocolate, and let’s “celebrate” some of this year’s very worst nonsense.  As with the best of the year awards, these are not limited solely to things that were covered on the site.  Let’s do it.


Worst Movie

Power Rangers

Sigh.  There’s a lot of franchises that do not need to be remade.  Power Rangers is one such franchise.  Just let it die.  The movie looks like ass, no one can act, and it tries to walk the line between silly and serious so poorly it’s a miracle this got released at all.  Never see this.  Never.

I wish it was this.

Runner Up: Bright


Worst TV Show

Monday Night Raw

Yep, again.  Maybe it’s unfair, but Raw has been unwatchable for over a year now and there’s no sign of it getting better.  It’s still a 3 hour slog, constantly recycles its own content, Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son, Roman is still Roman, and the Shield reunion fell flat on its arse.  My solution to fix it is to fire everyone with the last name McMahon and shorten it to 2 hours.

Matt Hardy is great though.

Runner Up: Iron Fist


Worst Wrestling PPV

Battleground 2017

Yeesh.  I will describe in two words why this is the worst.  Punjabi Prison.  Yep, it’s that PPV.  Battleground brought us the worst of Jinder Mahal as champion, the wasted AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens match, Rusev getting flattened by Cena in a horrifically bad squash match, and Baron Corbin botching his way through a match with Shinsuke Nakamura.  Everything about this show is everything wrong with wrestling in 2017.

Kill me I’m in constant pain.

Runner Up: Payback 2017


Sean Murray Memorial Award for Lying to Customers

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Ah EA, you devil you.  The Battlefront 2 fiasco is  well documented all over the internet but I’ll give you a quick rundown.  To avoid the heat they got over DLC in the first Battlefront, EA decided to instead ruin it with lootboxes.  EA made the game a pay to win model, requiring you to shell out thousands of actual dollars to unlock all the content and to have a chance in the multiplayer.  Battlefront 2 is the worst of unethical behavior in gaming in 2017.

This Kylo Ren brought to you by 800 actual dollars.

Runner Up: Destiny 2


“Same Old Shit” Award


I for one can’t wait for the day when we can play Skyrim on a toaster.  The sheer number of ports this game has gotten while making essentially no changes is honestly staggering.  But then to add that all these ports are full price is just ridiculous.  Skyrim on Switch is a vanilla game from 2011 that’s still being sold for $80.  Are you silly?

Amiibo support is cool I guess.



Anti-Game of the Year

1-2 Switch

The sheer concept of this game is ridiculous.  This baby game for the Switch would be entirely inoffensive if it was a pack in.  It would just be a underwhelming Wii Sports style deal.  But the fact that this was a full price game is absolutely ludicrous.  It’s not fun, has no variety, is cringe-worthy to play, and does nothing to show why the Switch is cool.  1-2 Switch fundamentally fails at everything it sets out to be, and has the fucking gall to be a full priced game.  How dare ye Nintendo.

It’s funny because they probably thought they’d actually make it as actors.

Runner Up: Star Wars Battlefront 2


And that’s how pessimistic we were this year.  Honestly with how increasingly fucked up the real world is becoming, it’s best to not bring too much negativity into this stuff anymore.  Let us know what you thought the worst shit of the year was in the comments.



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